10 Things I learned on the Megabus

I took the Megabus to Boston this weekend.  It was only a four hour drive, so I slept most of the way there.  But for the moments that I was awake, I learned several important life-lessons that I thought I should share:

1.  Old ladies don’t settle well.

There were three old ladies who got on the bus with us (and by old I mean much older than me…but not olde).  These women did not know each other, but they quickly got to know one another as they traded seats 3-4 times before finally picking the ones they liked best.  After all appeared well, one lady got up, moved to a different seat across the bus, and exclaimed loudly, “She coughs a lot!”  This was, of course, in reference to and in ear shot of one of the other old ladies.

2.  People are nosy (or maybe just over-the-top curious?).

One of the ladies was having trouble pulling up her bus ticket on her phone.  Between myself and another guy on the bus, we were able to help her get her ticket so that she could prove to the driver that she was serious about going to Boston.  Another guy, totally unrelated to everything that was going on, piped up, “What’s going on?  What’s happening?”  After getting an odd look from me, he followed up with, “I mean, I’m just wondering.”

3.  When it sounds like you’re in a perpetual wind tunnel, it might be time to re-think the window structure of your vehicle.

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the sound of a wind tunnel minus the wind, but I’m not saying I do.

4.  Don’t put your seat in a reclining position.

…For fear of bashing the knees of the person behind you.  I had just drifted off and was enjoying a little nap when all of a sudden, WHAM!  Down comes the chair of the person sitting in front of me, bashing my knees and forcing me both awake and in an extreme upright position all at once.  For those of you who know me, you know that my just awakened state is not nice.  My startled, just awakened state is even worse.  Fortunately, though, I was dazed enough that I just started laughing.  As I was trying to squirm out from under the chair (because now it was claustrophobic), my friend leaned over and kindly asked the woman to put her seat up on my behalf.  And back to sleep I went.  (That’s probably the only semi-civil “I-just-woke-up” story you’ll ever hear about me.)

5.  Don’t try to have a private conversation unless you’re willing to share it with the entire first floor of the bus.

Oddly enough, even with the wind tunnel, sound carries remarkably well on a Megabus.

6.  People-watching can actually get boring when it’s the same people doing the same things for four hours.

Granted, I was only awake for a fraction of that time, but every time I woke up, everyone was doing the same things, basically talking, reading, eating, or listening to music.  The only changes came when people went to the bathroom.

7.  Megabus drivers are beasts of the road.  Seriously.

I take the bus around my hometown quite often and I’m always a little scared about how smoothly the ride will go.  But not so with the Megabus!  These drivers are awesome!  They navigate the cities and the highways with incredible ease.  Well, I guess I should qualify this – I don’t know about all Megabus drivers.  I just know that ours was awesome.

8.  It is really nice to not have to pay an arm and a leg for gas.

Taking the bus was not totally my first choice.  I like driving, so I would have preferred that method of travel.  However, the gas benefit far outweighed my preference, and I definitely do not regret it.

9.  I’m about to (or have already?) join the ranks of the “old” ladies above (#1).

My hands and feet have started to swell whenever I travel.  I’m talking like I-have-shoes-that-feel-a-size-too-small and I-can’t-take-my-rings-off swollen.  I feel like that’s a bad thing.

10.  I like not having to navigate the streets of Boston.

I barely made it out the last time I drove…those streets are confusing!