5 Signs You May Be The Most Awkward Person You Know

I know other people seem awkward…  but let’s be honest: you probably create 85% of the awkward moments you find yourself in.  No, it’s just me?  Oh.

1. You often start doing the “which-side-of-the-sidewalk-do-I-walk-on” shuffle with an oncoming pedestrian like 50 feet in advance.

2. You have trouble introducing people without making both parties feel weird.

I get really excited when I introduce people, and I usually want the people to like each other.  So I (awkwardly) try to search for anything (literally anything) they may have in common that they could talk about.  One time, I actually opened with, “hey, I think you guys take the same route to work each morning!!!!”  Yeah, I know no one ever talks about that in real life.

3. You have trouble leaving meetings, conversations, rooms, etc. without making some weird face or doing a weird walk.

My go-to meeting ender? “Reeeaaaddddyyyy? Break!”

4. You talk or sing or hum to yourself audibly.

My poor cube neighbors.

5. You laugh nervously and state “That was awkward” anytime something strange happens. 

Yep, it’s almost never awkward until that declaration is made.


Confession: (or maybe obvious statement?) I do all of the above on a pretty routine basis.  So we all know what that means!